What We Do

Whether you have two standalone computers or thirty networked workstations, our technicians are experts in helping make the best use of technology to meet business objectives. Here are just some of the ways we can help: 

  • Detect and remove system vulnerabilities that could permit viruses and spyware to compromise your business. 

  • Streamline and simplify business processes by automating routine tasks.

  • Recover critical business data from a damaged PC and get you up and running in hours.

  • Install, manage and maintain desktop PCs and network servers.

  • Centralize critical business data to allow on-demand access from around the office, home or satellite offices.

  • Implement diagnostic and repair software that eliminates problems before you even know about them.

  • Help you make the move from dialup internet access to wireless broadband.

Our team members have the right combination of technical expertise and business sense to help you make the right choices. We aren’t platform or vendor specific, so we can work with whatever you have and make unbiased recommendations for improvements. 

Businesses across central Maryland rely on NewTeQ for unbiased, expert advice and dependable service. Why not contact us for a free one-hour consultation today?