PrevenTeQ - What It's About


It’s New! 

PrevenTeQ uses best-of-breed monitoring and diagnostic tools to keep your computers up and running 24/7. It’s almost like having a full-time IT department on your site day and night.

Computers need ongoing maintenance to operate at peak performance. PrevenTeQ works in the background to optimize PC operations, warn of potential problems and minimize the chances of a catastrophic failure. 

The best part – once PrevenTeQ is installed, you’ll never know it’s there. PrevenTeQ works quietly to monitor performance, look out for problems and alert us to potential trouble. At the same time, it monitors your hard drives, optimizing how your PCs store data and use available disk space. 

The Result:

  • Less down time resulting from computer failure

  • Fewer slowdowns that can be caused by spyware or viruses

  • You can budget in advance for prevention instead of facing unplanned expenses for PC repair 

How PrevenTeQ helps your bottom line:

The Gartner Group has calculated that PC management software like PrevenTeQ reduces the ongoing cost of operating a Windows PC by over 37%. Network Computing Magazine, Sep. 2, 2004, pg. 34. 

The take-away message – a small investment in PrevenTeQ can save you a lot of money in repair costs, slow performance and lost worker productivity. 

Contact us today to see how PrevenTeQ can help you do more with less.  

We also license PrevenTeQ to service providers for resale. Contact us for more information.