Expensive solutions aren’t always the right solutions. We have satisfied clients because we tailor our services to meet each client’s needs and budget. Our business is built on trust, reliability and the support of long-term clients. Our technical capabilities extend to every aspect of information technology:


Security-related problems cost US businesses more than $300 Billion each year in lost productivity. We can:

  • Perform assessments and implement solutions that reduce the risk of downtime caused by viruses.

  • Remove spyware from your machines to keep them running smoothly.
    Identify and fix the vulnerabilities in your network that could allow hackers to damage or steal your data.

  • Request a free, no-obligation security audit.

Network Operations
The better you utilize your network, the better your business will run. We can:

  • Configure and maintain servers and network devices to minimize downtime and keep equipment operating at peak performance.

  • Set up e-mail accounts and junk mail filters, create automatic virus scans and enable remote log ins so that you can access your office computer from any web-accessible PC.

  • Develop and implement a data back-up strategy to ensure that you can get up and running again even in the event of a disaster, business interruption or network failure. 

Data Optimization
When we keep your data in good shape, you can focus on your business. We can:

  • Install firewalls and patches to ensure that your business data is secure.

  • Scan your hard drives to remove unneeded files, compact information and free up unused space.

  • Make recommendations about how to structure the information you’ve got to make it available to the people who need it. 

PCs and other Hardware
All hardware will fail eventually. We can minimize your downtime by:

Communication Across the Office or Around the Globe
There are a lot of choices out there. We focus on what you need:

  • We can evaluate whether you should go wireless and recommend the best way to do it.

  • Thinking about broadband? We can show you ways to get the most for your money.

  • If your staff travels, we can implement solutions that let employees work from home or remote offices.